Pet Portraits

My pet portraits are created in an illustrative style, combining fine detail and expressive mark-making. I love to explore the variety of textures and tones in every pet that I draw or paint, to really make a feature of their individual character.  It makes me happy to see how much people adore their pets, and this is something I always aim to reflect in my portraits. I’ve had pets ever since I was little, and they have always been such an important part of my life (I’ve even written a blog post all about them!). A painting or drawing of a beloved pet is a really special thing have in your home - a homage to your furry (or scaly) best friend, that makes you smile every time you see it!

I always love seeing new enquiries appearing in my inbox and seeing the photos of which pet I’m going to paint or draw next! I am happy to create portraits of pets of all shapes and sizes - dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, chickens, fish and anything else in between! You can commission a portrait in either paint or pencil - see below for examples of each.

**I am currently taking orders for Pet Portraits needed for Christmas 2019!**
Click here to find out about how to commission a Pet Portrait.

"I am pleased to say that I am absolutely delighted with the finished result! It captures Ernie perfectly! Thank you so much for making such an excellent job of it."
- Stephen