Pet Portraits

I love to paint pets in all shapes and sizes - dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, chickens and anything else in between!

My pet portraits are painted in an illustrative style, combining tiny, controlled details with loose, expressive brushstrokes. I love to explore the variety of textures and tones in every pet that I paint to really make a feature of their individual character, whether they are ridiculously fluffy or silky smooth, with perfect little paws or a speckled nose, bouncy and full of energy, or quiet and calm. 

It makes me happy to see how much people adore their pets, and this is reflected in my paintings. A portrait of your pet hanging on your wall, or perched on your mantelpiece, is something really special - a constant reminder of your best friend and the unique bond you share with them. 

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"I am pleased to say that I am absolutely delighted with the finished result! It captures Ernie perfectly! Thank you so much for making such an excellent job of it."
- Stephen